Very odd problem...

My sansa clip won’t turn on. I can copy music onto it, my computer reconizes that it is plugged in, and it has been charging for hours. I just can’t get it to go on, or reset. I plug it into the computer to charge it, and it shows the usual charge screen. But the insant I unplug it, the screen goes black. Help?

To me, that sounds like a broken clip in need of exchange at the place of purchase.


Let’s see if you have inadvertently found another file system bug on the Clip.

Connect in MSC mode and remove all your files from the MUSIC folder, and delete the MTABLE.SYS file (the database) at the root folder on the Clip.

You can delete (or rename) all the files at root, actually, as they will be rebuilt upon disconnection… yes I have done this myself and it will NOT harm the Clip.

Then disconnect the device and see if it comes back. If it does, it should show the “Refreshing Database” screen and all is well (except for something amiss in the files you transferred to it).

Note you should see only the following files at root (there could be playlists there as well, but I’d remove everything at root for this effort):


If the Clip is still unresponsive, it could be a hardware issue and unless there are other suggestions, I’d then exchange it.

Good luck and keep us posted as this could be very useful information…

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It sounds like the battery may not be charging.    To be sure,  does the charging animation ever stop?  It should stop animation once its full.

Also If possible upgrade the firmware to 1.01.18 and WMP to WMP11.

These actions have helped in the past.

If you have a cell phone miniB USB charger,  you can try that to upgrade the firmware assuming the dead battery prevents it.