Very happy with m250

I own a 1 1/2 year old m240 and recently bought an m250. Not just the extra 1GB available on the m250 pleases me. The sound is richer and playlists are handled better. The playlists I use are the type usable on the m240 where a playlist is saved from XP Windows Media Player as an M3U file to the player. I just drag and drop in in MSC mode and do not use the M3U files to synch. Using the new “hybrid” NiMh natteries from ray-o-vac gives at least a dozen hours usage and the early lack of backlight to indicate low battery condition is not an issue with the new m250 and change in batteries. My m240 is still going strong but has some tape to hold the battery door closed as I snapped it off by accident one day. It has battle scars and the new shiny black m250 is a pretty sight. I’m real happy with my new m250 and wanted to post publiclly to Sansa and friends a thanks for great products.