Very Good

I just got my SE 3 days ago, and it was worth every penny.  Took it out of the package and fired it up.  Defiently more then i was expecting.  No problems so far.  I havent updated the firmware yet , I only have access to public computers.  This thing makes my 45 minute walks fly by.  Next im buying a microSD card for it.  Is there a certain limit to the capacity of reader?  None of the documention seems to hold an answer.

Yes, after researching it seems 2gb is the limit… hopefully a firmware upgrade will fix this!

Actually, my Express works fine with my 4GB SanDisk MicroSD card.

That is good info that 4g micro SD works.  What firmware version are you using?

I’d be curious what firmware, what card exactly, and what version of the Express you have as well. I personally found the Express 1GB that I have does not work with 4GB SDHC cards.

Can you tell us the info on yours?