Very Frustrated

I have a big problem with my Sansea -

I have taken all the tracks off the player with the idea of changing my music options, only to find the player is showing full memory and wont let me put anything on it. This essentially means that my player is useless!!!

How can i rectify this anyone???

Format the player, wiping the memory clean so you can start over.

I have used the format solution which has told me that the machine is empty and therefore can be uploaded with music, however when you go to sync it carries out the action, but when you check the machine it shows it is full but there isnt any music on it!!! I have tried going back to factory settings but this doesnt help. I have also tried to empty the machine again and again, but each time when i sync it shows the action has been completed but when you go to play it is empty.

What type of music file are you trying to put on? Do they show that they’ve been transferred when you look in Windows Explorer?

Give us some more details and I’m sure someone can help you. This isn’t rocket science, but you have to tell us exactly what you’ve done (and how) because we can’t see what you are seeing and experiencing.

Resetting factory settings won’t help you. That only resets your personal preferences like backlight time, etc.