Version V03 ??

I have a new to me E280 that I updated today to version V03.01.16A

Now it is funtioning differentl;y that I like or as compared to my E260 which is runnong version 01.02.18A

The issue is that once I select a artist and album to listen to once it gets to the ens, it starts over with Repeat turned off/

Also if I turn it off and then back on it is still on the same albumn

On my E260 it does not do this.

Also on my E260, when the backlite like goes off and I press the right arrow key it would display the current song playing and I would have to press it again to jump to the next song, but on the E280 when I press the same keyjust once, it jumps to the next song which I do not want it to do (unless I press it twice)

Any ideas on what may be up?

How can I revert back to the previous version of the frim Ware?


You can manually “backdate” your firmware to 03.01.14, but that won’t solve the issue you’re not liking. It’s not totally a f/w issue. It’s a difference between your older v1 player and your newer v2 player. I believe this was changed in the f/w update 01.02.24 for the v1 players too, but I could be wrong as I elected not to install the latest version because of other reported bugs. But the v2 players, regardless of firmware version all act like this. I guess it’s supposed to save you time by not having to press the button once to “wake it up” and once more for the desired function, but it takes some getting used to.