Version prior to the Sansa Fuse +

I am considering buying the prior version of the Sansa Fuse +.  How do I make sure I am ordering the prior version of the Sansa Fuze +?

Not sure what you mean. Are you looking for a Fuze, or do you want to make sure you don’t get a “v2” Fuze+? As far as I know, there’s no v2 Fuze+, so you can order a Fuze+ with certainty that you’re getting the original version. If you’re looking for a Fuze, just search for it with that name and ignore all the Fuze+ results.

Just buy the Fuze without the +. That’s the one without the touchpad. Just be aware this model has been discontinued for some time now, so it may be difficult to find a new one.

Toys R Us still lists the Fuze on its website, though apparently it doesn’t ship them any more. Note that the Fuze+ is also listed as a Fuze, but the photos will help you tell them apart.

Amazon still has some new ones. You can also find some from google shopping.