Version not connecting to internet

Not connecting to internet during firmware update, or application update. Was working fine in version,




I can see that the program has connected to the internet in other ways, are you sure your connection is stable. I am working with a system right now with this drive and and the check for updates works. 

I can let you know that there are no firmware updates to this drive at this time.

Thanks for the reply, my internet connection is stable.

Good to know it’s working properly on your machine.

I installed version, and there are no issues with internet connection.

Version was working fine too, but I can’t find a link to it.

Will wait for the next revision, hopefully will fix it.

Thank you for your response! I switched to a wireless connection and I too saw the issue!   

For now if you see this issue and have the ability for a wired connection, this will help to get content updates from SanDisk. 

Thanks for this, I replicated your findings in version on my machine.

Wirelss: Doesn’t connect to internet for firmware or application updates.

Wired: Everything works fine.

I have the same problem. Windows 10. WIreless. 2.3.2 does not connect to internet. 2.3.1 connects fine. B R O K E N! Please fix. Thanks!!

Same problem here, Windows 7 and wireless connection, Sandisk please fix this.

While waiting for fix you can download v2.3.1.0 here: