Version 1.3 now always on desktop at reboot

Just upgraded to version 1.3. I notice now after the computer is started and after each subsequent reboot the ReadyCache monitoring page is on my desktop. I have to take it off desktop myself each time. Previous versions did not do this. How can I have it not do this? If I want to call it up to my Desktop from the System Tray, I would rather do this manually instead of it being put there automatically. I’m running WIndows 7 Pro x64. Thanks

during installation of 1.3 you ahve the option to start the GUI with windows (by default this is unchecked) if you check that box it will start with windows. You can change the setting by clicking options and selecting do not start with windows. The caching engine will run in the background regardless if the GUI starts with windows or not. 

That’s not what I want and not what I had to do to keep the GUI from appearing on the desktop at each reboot. No other version has done this and I had each one (GUI) to start with WIndows. Before when setting the GUI to start with Windows, at boot up the icon would be in the system tray. Now at bootup it’s in the system tray and also on the desktop. Something different was done with this version.

if you are referring to the desktop icon that is also a setting during installation. if you dont want it there just delete it. it is only a shortcut. 

I am not talking about a shortcut. I’m talking about the full monitoring page that normally opens when you right click on the system tray icon and click Open. That is sitting on the desktop at each reboot and it was never there before (even with the GUI set to start with WIndows). Before when setting this, it just had the icon in system tray showing after each reboot, not opening it on the desktop.

then go to option and turn off start with windows. it will not load on start up. all versions have worked this way. in fact in the first version it always opened and there was no setting to change. Then they added the oiption to not start with windows. 

I want the option to start with Windows so I can have the icon in the system tray like before. What I don’t want is it also showing up opening on the desktop. I guess if this is the way it’s going to be from now on, then the only way around it to disable the GUI to start with Windows and then creating a shortcut to open it, thus putting it in the system tray. I just don’t know why it was changed in this version. It was fine before where choosing GUI on startup put it in the system tray at startup. For some reason someone thought it was a good idea to also open it on the desktop at each bootup.