I just got a new ScanDIst USB Drive and am trying to figure it all out.
If I look  at it outside of the scandisk software,  I can see  My Vaults folder.
Then under that is the My Vault folder where it appeas to store the file when I move a  file  inside the scan disk software…  Can we have multipe vaults?  How do we access.


“Can we have multipe vaults?”

Not to my knowledge.  An interesting question though.

OK,  I could not figure out how, but kind of curious why it had the directory structure it did.

My Vault - Protect your personal and sensitive files in a private folder or “vault” on your USB drive - so you can share your USB drive with ease knowing your private files are protected. 

I think there is not much use of having redundant folders. You can probably create subfolders under it.