Variable speed audiobook playback gone?

The Clip Sport Plus user manual says (on p. 29) that variable speed playback is available for Audiobooks on the Options page.

All I see is “Play via Bluetooth” and “Delete Audiobook.” What am I missing? Or has this feature been removed (I’m using version 2.13.B).

I see other posts wishing for variable-speed podcast playback, but everyone seems to assume that it’s still available for Audiobooks. Where?

If it’s been superceded, can I downgrade to an earlier version (and where would the old firmware files be?)? I don’t care about Bluetooth (much), but I care a lot about the variable-speed playback that SanDisk advertised (and still does) with this device.

The Clip Sport Plus has never had the variable playback speed option. This is a misprint in the UM. I have reported the issue to the product team and an updated UM should be available in the near future. 

Oh. Thanks.

Wish I had known that before I bought one…

I agree!  I never would have bought mine had I known this however the guy in the store looking up specs said it would play at double speed.  Feels like false advertising.

Good day to you,

has the playback speed-up firmware update been released?

My Sandisk sansa clip+ has this function and I like it. I will not switch to a new player unless I am certain to have the same option.

warm regards - Wim

the clip sport plus does not have variable playback speed.