Variable bit rate play length

I have a problem with two books, both are variable bit rates, so I’m pretty sure that’s the cause.  Using one of the mp3 files as an example: the player is stating the length as 2:44:47, however, the actual length is 4:48:14.  It plays the file fine, but if I rewind, fast forward, or turn of the player, at any point after 2:44:47, it jumps to the next chapter.

Does anyone know of a fix or workaround?  I have the latest firmware.  Is there third-party firmware? A different way to copy the files?  File Converter?

There’s always 3rd-party firmware Rockbox, if you wish to go there.

You could try converting the files to a constant bit rate, using any of a number of freeware converters. Audacity is one I use a lot, available here:

Seeking in very long MP3 files is by definition inaccurate. I think the seek tables for mp3 were made assuming music tracks, so the resolution is very poor if the file is more than an hour or two long.

Of course the player shouldn’t skip to the next track, thats probably an off by 1 error in the sandisk seeking code.  

I’d go for KJ’s advise. That seemed to be the most easy and safe one.