V2 Player - Docking Station Power Management

Recently got an e280v2 player. I’ve noticed that when I use it in my SanDisk docking station connected to my stereo, there’s no way to turn it off! When you hit the power button, the screen says it is “entering standby mode” and then the screen goes dark. But it is not powering off! If you hit the power button again, the screen will light up immediately.

I also have a 260v1 player, and it powers off normally in the docking station. If the battery is not fully charged, it will complete the charge and then shut down.

This difference with the v2 player is annoying at the least, and energy un-friendly at the most. I like to leave my player sitting in the docking station, except when I take it out “on the go”. But leaving the v2 on the station in stand-by mode means that the power is still on; what the experts classify as a " vampire". It’s still sucking up electricity, but you don’t realize it because the screen is off.

It’s like computers, printers, and all other sorts of electronic gizmos today . . . even your VCR (or DVR) or microwave; it’s not really “ON”, but it’s STILL drawing current to power the LED clock.

I’d like to see a firmware update that addresses this issue, and turns the v2 players OFF when you turn them off while connected to a docking station or other AC charger cord. Yes, I know it’s not a LOT of electricity, but it all adds up, and besides, leaving it “on-but-in-stand-by-mode” will probably shorten the unit’s life span. Maybe that’s the plan . . . so we buy more units?

Certainly this must be possible through firmware upgrades. The v1 players shut down, so the v2 players should too.


Mods, please bring this up to "the powers that be!"

All right . . . relax. RANT COMPLETED (I feel better already) :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would also like to add that in version 2,

when you disconnect the power after the unit has charge. It will start playing the music from the last screen you’re on.

Then draining the battery. 

For me, I’ll charge the vampire for about 2 hours, then I’ll unplug it and leave it on the table, if I don’t power it back off manually, it will continue to play,

leaving me with a lifeless unit. 

I’m suprised that no one at Sansa caught this.