V1 Fuze at...Toys R Us!

My old Fuze was lost under unfortunate circumstances…some lucky dishonest person has a Fuze with 16GB of extra music…but anyway…

it seems Toys R Us has a big stock of the Fuze, even though it has been discontinued.  I looked and saw two different packages.

Because I want the v1, I chose the one with the older copyright date: 2008.

It’s a gray package with curved edges, not a rectangular package. The other one, with a 2009 copyright date, shows the SlotRadio logo; the older one that I got does not.  When I opened my 2008 version, I was delighted to see that it was a v1 with 1.01.11a firmware that I promptly updated.

I guess it’s a Toy now.

Hey, great find!  The v1 Fuze is a very dependable device.  As with many products, a supplier obviously had a case of them in the warehouse, or the Toys R Us warehouse had one hiding behind a pallet of Tickle Me Elmos.


Speaking of those irritating fad-inspiring red furballs, I see that they experimented at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, researching into how many Tickle Me Elmos are required to achieve critical mass.  If enough of the buzzing gizmos are piled together, a self-sustaining Elmo Reaction can result, continuing until their batteries are sufficiently depleted.

This phenomenon was observed several years prior, with the potentially irascible Furby dolls.  The fuzzy speaking creatures would begin a simultaneous unintelligible cocophony…no, wait, that was the UN general assembly, I believe.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:


also good to know about the backstock.  I will check.