V Poor battery life via mains charging???

I bought a Sansa Fuze for my noob mate who doesn’t even own a PC. I bought an external mains charger from play for about £4 that plugs via the USB into the mains. He has been asking if 2 hours battery life is normal I decided it probably wasn’t and after browsing on here I have decided it’s about 10% of what he should be getting.

I did try searching but as expected most normal people are charging via PCs.

4 Qs spring to mind

Is this a common fault charging via this method?

Is the battery broken?

Is it the crappy mains charger i bought?

And what can I do to rectify the issue for him?

Any advice greatly appreciated and thanks for reading my post

Either the Fuze battery is defective, or it’s the charger. I’d guess it’s the charger. Can you try it on a different one? There’s a warranty on the Fuze for a year.

There’s someone out there who doesn’t own a computer? Wow. 

I also have some noob friends without a PC… can u tell me the exact model name of your charger ?

All you need is a universal USB charger, which converts wall current to a USB plug–and then the Sansa cord plugs into that.  USB is a standard specification. But try to get one from a brand you recognize.

I/he has a universal mains charger. I’ll ask about and see if anyone else has one and see if I can test it.

I still don’t think it’s the battery though, surely a battery either works or it doesn’t??? And there would be no halfway house like this

Make sure the charger provides 500mA current or more. Some chargers provide less current and may cause charging problems.