Using two different Clip+s with Rhapsody 6?

Hopefully someone can help out… my fiancee and I both have Clip+ MP3 players. After the upgrade to Rhapsody 6, every time one of us loads a song thru Rhapsody, it is automatically loaded onto the other MP3 player when it’s connected. Anyone know how we can avoid this? I’ve tried to change the name of the MP3 player in My Computer but it always reverts back to the original name. Anyone know what else we can do, or do we need to have our musical tastes lining up perfectly from this point forward?

Go into Rhapsody settings. Maybe the upgrade switched you to Auto Sync while the previous version had you synching manually. 

I don’t have Rhapsody but here’s a page that lists all the controls. Seems like there are settings for each device–maybe if you click on Clip+ you’ll find something you can un-check.