Using Rhapsody in Win7

I drag and drop files from Itunes and they appear in the mixer tab window under the sources list. Why are they not appearing in the tracks list. I have not dragged or used playlists from windows media player as yet this is new to me bought the Fuze for my wife for her lullababy belt. I miss the smooth integration of itunes but I am sure its just a learning curve thing.



I think there is a folder in Rhapsody that Sansa wants me to use called the mixer. Maybe I didnt correctly add the files to the player. Not sure if I should abandon Rhapsody and use something else to manage the Fuze for the new baby.


In the Rhapsody 4 client, the Mixer is a progressive listing of the tracks you’ve loaded into Rhapsody.  You can take this list and add it to the device, or the Rhapsody library.

The cool part is that you can build a playlist of the tracks if desired.

If you are listening to the streaming Rhapsody Channels , this gives you a handy way to look back at the song list, if you’d like to replay a previous track, or transfer it to the device.

While I’m on the subject of the Mixer and Rhapsody Channels, if you have an e200v1, this is the trick to load Rhapsody Channels onto your device in Plays For Sure (MTP) mode, since the early machines could only handle the channels with the Rhapsody Sansa.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: