Using Norton 360

Hello, I just install ReadyCache SSD yesterday. Installation was easy with no problems but had question while using Norton I was not able to finish full system scan it read not complete. My cache was over 10 GB when I reset the cache to zero I was able to do full system scan. Do you know if SSD or software has problems with antivirus software. Also I am going to upgrade my hard drive in 2 weeks, going to do clean installation. What steps if any do I have to do with ReadyCache SSD for the new installation reformat or delete the partition.

the expresscache software puts a propriatary file system the ssd. if the AV somehow sees it and is trying to scan it would not be able to understand the file system. Not sure why it would even try to scan it as the RC SSD does not even show as a drive anywhere aside from disk managment. 

all you need to do is delete the partition on the RC SSD. Once you install the new HDD and OS just install the EC software and it will take care of setting the RCSSD up for you.