Using Napster to place a playlist on an external SDHC card for Fuze

I just moved from a Sansa Clip to a Fuze. I immediately filled up the 8G internal drive. I now want to start buying SDHC chips (I had previously purchased multiple Clips in order to hold more music) to fill with specific music including playlists. I use Napster to organize my music and to load it to my MP3 players. How do I load playlists specifically to the external chip? The users manual only lists one method for loading playlists, syncing via Windows Media Player. Other methods that I have seen include Winamp. But I want to continue using Napster. When I plug in the Fuze with an external card will the internal and external cards somehow show up separately in Napster?

You can use YAPL or video4fuze to cretae playlists in the fuze’s format (.pla). M3U playlists will work too, but only for songs of one drive at a time, and with relative paths.