Using My Sansa Fuze in Mac Parallels runing Windows Vista

Okay…here is the deal.  My setup is a new 4gb sansa fuze (just bought it yesterday)…running Mac OSX ver 10.5.7, Parallels - OS is windows vista.

I boot up my Mac and plug my fuze in via USB with no issues.  I see my fuze on my desktop as a removable media drive.  Now I click on my parallels icon and start up my windows vista OS.  After it boots up, I do not see my fuze as a removable media device in My Computer.  

My fuze USB mode is set to MSC (I also tried MTP and autodetect with no luck).

I would like any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated! 

The way I understand virtual machines is that you need to forward the USB port to the guest OS somehow. I’ve never used Parallels before, however, so you’ll have to look in your documentation.

As far as I know, VirtualBox is the only VM solution that will let a guest access a host’s USB ports.

Qemu will do it too, but I’ve never done it there either.

I have the same problem, and discovered that Sansa Media Converter (SMC) is absolutely required to put video on the Fuze (ie drag & drop won’t work, nor will Copy/Paste, even if the video is correct MPEG-4 for the Fuze… resolution etc.)

Problem is, the installer for SMC hangs when prompting to attach the Fuze (even though it’s connected) because Parallels mounts it as a network volume rather than a removable media device. So the installation fails.

I spent hours trying alternatives, but my next step is to return the Fuze and get something else (brand omitted).

Before you return it, try Video4Fuze.