Using mp3's ripped into iTunes (7.4.2) on a Mac (10.4.10)...

Using mp3’s ripped into iTunes (7.4.2) on a Mac (10.4.10).  On one album that I dragged to the shaker via usb, some of the tracks are playing half-speed.  They sound like a 45 played at 33rpm.  This is true for 3 out of the 16 songs.  They play fine using iTunes on the computer.    Bit rate is 160kbps at 44.1kHz.  Am I missing something or is this some kind of problem/limitation with the player?

shouldnt be a limitation problem, Do ALL albums you have do the same thing?

Not all, but many.  And I can format the card and start from scratch and it will be the same songs.  These play fine on iTunes, MP3 cds, Redbook burned cds, and iPod.  What’s the issue?  I’ve also found that if I turn off the player during one of these songs, then turn it on again, it will start playing that song at the correct “speed”  However, once you’ve moved off that track and come back to it–plays slowly again.  Found similar reports on other review sites (Circuit City, Amazon, etc).