Using Media Player to Sync

I must be having a brain fart but could someone show me step by step how to load a cd to my computer and using Media Player sync the album to my San Disk. I did it once it was really easy and I have totally forgotten. Thanks in advance

Actually I found it easy to just load the CD into Itunes and then copy and paste the folder on my drive over to the san disk - didn;t have to worry about tags - the whole album came over.

And, don’t even need to use iTunes for this:  just use any CD ripper you want (e.g. CDex) to rip (i.e., convert) your CD tunes from CD audio format (typically shown as ending in .cda) to player format of your choice (e.g. mp3, aac, flac, ogg vorbis), if the CD’s titles are not already in player format; and then just copy and paste, or drag and drop, the converted titles you want on your player from your computer to the player, just as you would do with any other computer files.  

I had done it that way but the files were all over the place - using I tunes the music goes int the san disk as an album with all titles in place - I don;t have to worry about tags using I tunes

My guess is, iTunes is adding the tags; as will other programs, such as CDex, with a button press.

AUDIOGRABBER has editing for tags prior to ripping - fasy - accurate and functions with clip zip - never an ‘unknown’