Using media converter w/o fuze+ attached

Is there a way to use media converter for the fuze+ which does not require it to actually be connected to the pc?

I’d like to have my pc convert a bunch of videos during the day, and copy them to the fuze+ in the evening…rather than have to have the fuze+ connected during the long conversion process.

The Sansa Media Converter? No.

Other converters? Possibly.

Most conversion software is configured to work with the target device connected.  What you can  do to make the process simpler is perhaps merge the individual VOB chapters from a DVD into one file prior to transfer.

I just tested something different with the Fuze+ , using Windows Media Player tomake a movie transfer to the Fuze+, without entering any specific formatting parameters, just to see what happens.  The complete movie plays beautifully, with the only exception of a thumbnail image for the movie menu.  I had to build this manually later.

Unlike the other Sansas, the Fuze or e200 series, you can transfer a complete movie to the device without using the Sansa Media Converter.  Very nice.  Note, the process did take around an hour, but it went smoothly, while the Fuze was plugged in for charging anyway.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m able to use Sony Vegas and render my videos to files which I can then copy to the Fuze’s video folder and this works just fine.  But to render multiple videos simultaneously, I need to run multiple instances of Vegas (which I don’t want to do).  SMC batches the render process relatively easily, but…requires (as far as I know) the Fuze to be attached.

Was hoping to render multiple files w/o the fuze being attached, and then transfer them at a later time.

Might I recommend you use one of the following:

XMedia Recode



All of these programs have batch processing, can decode anything under the sun, and are free. I’m sure you’ll be able to find similar programs if you look. The beauty thing about these programs is that they aren’t meant for any device in particular, meaning that they don’t care if the Fuze+ is attached or not.

If you’re not a video expert, these programs also have “preset” settings, for various devices. You can probably use an iPod preset, as long as the resolution does not exceed 320x240.