Using Linux. Perform Windows Install?

FYI: My wife and I both use Linux ubuntu 10.04, but we do have a Windows 7 partition to boot into.

I am a programmer and have used my Oasis Machspeed for several years and find it compatible with


My intention is to do file transfers to the Clip+ from Linux. I have not yet run the Windows Install CD.

 Should I run the Windows Installer CD even though my goal is to use it with Linux?



Just to clarify, what Windows Install CD?  (You don’t mean a disk that came with the Clip, do you?)

Yes, I mean the little CD that came with the unit.

It is likely that we will be able to do whatever we wish using MSC mode.

I.E. we can then just mount the unit like a hard drive and transfer

files using a file browser.

Glad I asked–I thought you were referring to a Windows OS install disk.

As far as I’m aware, you don’t need the disk that came with your Clip–the only disks I’m aware of are a Best Buy package disk that largely is for the Best Buy music store, and a Rhapsody disk to install the Rhapsody music subscription service (you also can get that online at the Rhapsody site).  In fact, there’s no SanDisk software to install for the Clip’s operation itself, and the Clip doesn’t have any. 

At least on a computer with a Windows OS, the Clip simply uses the Windows software (or, for USB MTP mode, a driver included in Windows Media Player).  I’m not sure with Linux, though–you can try a search here.  But I believe that matters are pretty painless under Linux as well.

Yeah, I like what sandisk did by offering a product that can be operated independent of

the OS and any kind of proprietory software. One of my daughters bought my wife an ipod

a few years ago and she has frequent threatened to feed it to the ravens. I wanted something for

her that was easier for audio books.



I just got my Clip+ player and I am able to put the music on with Rhythmbox. My dh and I use Fedora. He is the one that know more about Linux than I do. With me I am trying to find info on how to update the firmware with Linux.

We use ubuntu as well.  You don’t need any special software to load your clip+.  Just open the SANSA CLIP+ folder, and drag and drop files into one of the folders on your clip+.  Looks and acts just like any external memory device to your operating system.  My son has had a clip for a couple of years, and he has even used it to transport school homework files in a pinch.

But, do make sure that your Clip is set to USB MSC mode, right?

I have mine set to auto detect.