Using Fuse for Live Backing tracks

I want to use my Fuse for backing tracks on live gigs.

I use almost exclusively wave files and a few mp3’s.

I tried to set it up for single play of a song in a playlist and I have not been able to keep it from going to the next song with out manually putting it in pause?

I would like to set up multiple sets,  playlist  without the Clear Go List  so I can not accidentally erase the playlist. 

I need the songs in the playlist to stop after each play so I can talk with the audience or change guitar ect without the next song starting.

I also need to be able to go to another playlist on the fly ( in the middle of the current set “Playlist”)

Is this even possible with this device?

I create my backing tracks in Soundforge as wave files and then drag them to the playlist. Is there a better way of doing this?