Using folder view question when using mp3s on the internal memory and the micro sd external memory

  1. If i have mp3 folders on the player internal memory and on the player external micro sd memory, can i use folder view to view all folders on the 2 memorys at the same time integrated on one list, or do i have to browse the folders on each memory separately.

  2. If the answer to question 1 is yes then i would like to now if i can have on both the internal memory and the external memory folders with the same name, but with different files and the player will display these folder as one with both the files on the internal memory and the external one.

I want to know because i like to browse by folders, and if the internal memory gets filled i would like to be able to add more files to the folders that where on the internal memory by making a folder with the same name on the micro sd, and i dont like to browse folders on 2 devices at the same time, just on 1 list.

Please help.

Thanks in advance

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The Clip+ deals with the internal and external cards as 2 separate sources, under folder view (it’s pretty logical, when you think of it, and just like 2 separate cards on your computer).  And so you review the 2 lists separately (again, just as if on your computer).  When viewing your files via the ID3 tags, both the internal and external card contents are merged into 1.

If you don’t like having to view 2 separate lists, you could simply keep most/all of your contents on either the internal or external card (even by, if you really were dead-set on this, for example getting a 2gb Clip+ and then using an external 8 or 16 gb miscroSD card with it).

thank you, this is what i was afraid of,i had ordered a 8gb one and planned to use a 4gb microsd i have here new, since my collection is like 9gb, but now i cancelled the ordered, and i will order a 4 gb one [since is just 1.74 dollars more than the 2gb (dunno why)]. but is a shame those 4gb will go to waste since i dont have any id3 tag on my mp3 players, because i hate them.

Ill guess ill have to use those for folders of  small compilations of mp3s for working out and stuff, and use the 16gb micro sd for the entire collection.

But i know have to order a 16gb microsd besides the mp3 player and will be a bit expensier.

The good is now ill be able drag and drop the new mp3s on the folders instead like on the old clip that i needed to use a playlist maker everytime i add new mp3s to make a folder organized playlist 

Thanks again. 

Glad the information was what you needed–nice to go into things with your eyes open.   :slight_smile: