Using add media

I used DVDFab Mobile to convert a DVD to avi. When I go to run it through SMC it won’t add media. Is there some place else on my computer that I should be looking for the viles? I added them to My Videos, but they don’t seem to be there. Help (new at this)

Check in DVDFab for the output (or Target) folder. The files should be there. I only have the free version which doesn’t include the ‘Mobile’ option, but that might infer that the player should be connected and the files are transferred there.

Tapeworm are you there? I’m still having trouble. When I search my harddrive the ripped DVD is there. When I go to open it with “add media” in SMC it says there’s nothing in the folder. Do I need something else to install to complete this process?


I use WinFF to first convert the DVD’s VOB files to AVI format before using the SMC. You might find this thread helpful for the settings if you have an e200 series v2 model.

There are probably other programs that will do this too.