Using a sdhc card with the Sansa on Mac


Problem: With Sansa (with 16GB sdhc) connected to Mac there is no sign of the sdhc.

The sdhc is not faulty as when i insert/unplug from the Sansa it says ‘refreshing your media’.

I’m sure i read somewhere on these forums that you can add music directly to the sdhc using the Sansa, thats what i was hoping for, something simple.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Make sure your player is set to the USB mode, MSC.


Ok, i’ve inserted the sdhc whilst the Sansa is connected to the Mac. ‘The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer’… It’s now disappeared. Looks like i’m gonna have to fiddle with this a bit to get disk utility to notice it again.

Ok, in disk utility it says the sdhc has 2.0 TB capacity which is bizarre. Not sure what to do now, i’d just be guessing.

“Ok, i’ve inserted the sdhc whilst the Sansa is connected to the Mac.”

You should only insert or remove a card when the player is off. This might be the cause of your problem.

It’s the only way it shows up in disk utility, unfortunately. I’ve tried formatting the Sansa with the sdhc in. I’ve tried formatting the sdhc to MS-DOS in disk utility but that failed with an ‘input/output error’. I’ll have to try it with a pc when i get the chance.

I’ve returned it to amazon. Checking in the Sansa it says it had 0 MB, on the Mac’s disk utility 2 TB and it didn’t even show up on a PC. I’ll possibly try again if i use the Clip a lot.