using a SD m2 card in a prototype project, interfacing the flashcard and the microcontroller

We are a few friends building a robot, and we are going to need more memory than is available in the microcontroller.

so we thought it would be smart to use a external flash memory, which can then also be moved to a computer to upload test data.

I happen to have a spare Sandisk m2 2GB flash memory, but we’ve faced problem on finding developer information such as the communication protocol, what pins to use and such.

we have been searching a lot for datasheets for this but’ve come up short.

is there a way of getting my hands on this information without paying crazy prototype fees like the 1000$ the mention for specifications on the cards for companies in their R&D phase?

FYI we are using an Atmel Xmega 1281A

we are going to feed the flash card with 3.3V, so the 1.8V mode it NOT used

unfortunately no


If you want I send all my source files to you about doing SPI-communcation with a micro-sd card, I implement  additional retry mechanisme and so on.

Also if you haven´t and goes design your schematic provide a additional power off/on fet for the micro-sd.

Somethings the Sandisk is hanging and only a power off/on give a solution to get back in communication with de micro-sd

micro-sd cards from Samsung or other manufactors does have such problems in SPI-mode.

Reg pmoonen.