Using a Fuze with a tablet?

Our PC died, so I tried hooking the Fuze up to our Android tablet and opened File Manager. It can see the folders on the Fuze, but none of the files. Any suggestions?

Update: I copied some mp3s from the tablet to the Fuze. I can see them with the tablet, but still can’t see anything else.

My guess is your tablet will only see files you have added in MSC mode. If you’ve been using MTP, you’ll have to delete those files on a PC and then readd them in MSC mode.

That’s Settings/System Settings/USB Mode.   You probably have it on the default, AutoDetect. 

If your computer has Windows Media Player (10 or above) it is controlling the Fuze through Windows Media Player via MTP mode, detected by AutoDetect. 

But your tablet doesn’t have WMP and is seeing the Fuze as basic storage, via MSC.

You’ll need to briefly borrow another PC. Put the unit in MTP mode, connect to a PC and move the songs back to the computer (or a hard drive/thumb drive).  Then change the USB Mode to MSC and put the songs back on the Fuze. Then  your tablet should see them all. 

Zed, just want to check up on this. How were you able to get around this issue if I may ask? 

FYI, I’ve found I can access files added in MTP mode if I use Rockbox (which uses MSC exclusively). File that would normally be located in (root)\Music will instead show in (root)##music## (by “root”, I mean the root directory). Of course, I realize installing Rockbox for something so simple might be a bit overkill.