userguide doesn't agree with my player... can't get music to play

The userguide says, “As long as the files are WMA or MP3, they can be dragged into the Media folder.”

However, my player has a “Music” folder and a “Record” folder. No Media folder.


I’ve tried putting MP3 files in the “Music” folder, tried building new folders within “Music” similar to the preloaded ones, but the player doesn’t see the files, and will only play the files that came with it.


I’m running Windows XP, the player is a Sansa Express 1GB.



Hi there, if you don’t have a lot of things on the device.  Try format the device by go to Settigns >> Format and then try drag and drop again…also you might want to update to the latest firmware 1.01.05

The Media folder shows up if you’re using Windows Media Player 10.  Don’t worry about it; Music is the folder you want.

Have you tried formatting the Express and then trying again?  You’ll lose anything you haven’t backed up (including preloaded songs) but since it wipes the internal database clean, you might find that it works much better after a format.

Thanks very much for the suggestions. I formatted the player, and you are right, it cleaned out the preset tunes.

I then downloaded the firmware update, the player now has firmware 01.01.05A2.  There was a folder called “Playlists”, but no “Music” folder.

I dragged some songs into “Playlists”, nothing recognized. So I created a new folder called “Music”, dragged MP3’s into it, nothing recognized. I tried creating a folder for the artist, within both “Playlists” and “Music”, nothing recognized.

When I drag songs to the player, the display on the player acts like there is a connection and shows the little arrows going back and forth.   I can see the MP3’s in the internal memory area, using Windows, but the player says it has 0 songs. 

I feel like such a noob…   Hopefully I’m just missing something and the player isn’t flawed?

Thanks again, and help again?

Now I’ve tried using iTunes, it won’t even recognize the Sansa player, I think Apple doesn’t play well with others…

I tried Windows Media Player, it sees the player, lets me drag files to it, and IT WORKS!!

So thanks to you two for your help, and now the tunes are working.

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