User interface Windows 7 & XP

Black-Rectangle wrote: What I have read online told me that Windows 7 runs faster than Vista, not XP. But it would be swell if it also beats XP. 


This is what my uncle told  me about the XP and Win7 in comparison to each other…

 It is true that Win7 is more bloated than XP and Win7 requires approximately twice the hard drive spaceas XP.  The fancy graphics, enhanced security and advanced features simply requires more software code.  On a low-power computer with limited RAM, XP will almost certainly run faster than Win7.  But on a powerful machine with plenty of RAM, Win7 will usually be faster than XP.  My personal experience certainly confirms this and I’ve seen comparison tests that show the same thing.  On your new machine, 64-bit Win7 is faster than 32-bit XP.  The virtual XP machine I installed within Win7 is undoubtedly slower than XP installed natively but it is hoped you rarely, if ever, need to run it since most modern applications are, or soon will be, Win7 compatible.  Also, you’ll find the virtual XP machine still runs much faster than your current XP machine.