Use of WMD with iphone 5s

I just bought WMD 64 Gb at an Apple Store with the aim to backup my iphone content.

Upto now I was able only to copy contact’s list. I cannot access photo neither other app data. Maybe I am doing some mistake, pls help as WMD looks useless with iphone.

Second question:

In case … I could use it as a WiFi NAS on my home network, but I am unable to setup a fixed IP, as it’s necessary to connect to my Net

Pls help

Manlio, Milan Italy

WMD is not meant for general iPhone backup.  You should be able to transfer photos and videos, though.  Go into the app on your iPhone, tap “Photos”, then at the bottom of the screen, select “iPhone”.  Now, you should be able to navigate to your camera roll, select photos, then tap the icon at the bottom which gives you choices of what to do with the selection(s).  One option is “Save to Media Drive”.

thanks for prompt answer. 

Do you know if I can connect WMD to windows PC usb port and access it just like a drive ? I made an attempt but the device is not seen.

Thanks again

yes it will be used just like a normal USB drive. If it is not showing up check the admin settings and make sure USB access is turned on.