Use Dynex wall charger and Zen cable with Clip

My Blue 2GB clip has had problems with the battery holding more than a 9 hour charge since I got it; I just haven’t returned it because
my store is sold out and everything else works fine after latest firmware was installed.  I’m tired of PC charging.

I bought a Dynex iPod charger yesterday but the new model has two cables: one for iPod and the other for Creative Zen-to-USB charging cable. The Zen charging cable fits my Clip and I’m wondering if I dare try it. When I first tried to charge the Clip on my older Dynex using the Clip player cord I got only a trickle charge to 50%. I need to get away from PC charging. Anyone out there with ideas? Donna

It should work fine

    It appears to be working fine.  I do note that it does continue playing from wherever you are when you plug it in and there seems
to be no way to stop that so i will just have to note my place.  Of course, on the PC it just says connected and shows the charging icon.  I guess it plays so you can listen while you charge.

To stop you can push the pause button before shutting off or after you connect the charger.

    Thanks for that tip.  I did try that but was afraid to leave it as I did not know if the setting of one minute for pause that I have on
could be depended upon.  It took 3:49 minutes on the Dynex Zen charger to fully charge from dead empty.  I sort of figured that with it connected if I checked the charging level it would start playing again.  I’ll try the pause next time.