uSDHC Class 4 vs. Class 6 cards

Hi all community :slight_smile:

i’ve been looking for answer but didnt found any. Can someone make a test with cards SDHC class 4 and 6?

Lets say:

  • delete all data from card (format)

  • put there lets say 200-500files = same files on class4 and class6 (would be perfect if it could be around 2GB-4GB so the statistical error will be lower)

  • clear songs from fuze

  • put card into player and measure how long will it refresh database.

Im thinking of buying 8GB SDHC but i still did not decide whether class4 or 6.

Thanks for Your time in advice.

You may be over-thinking and assigning too much relevance to the potential results of such a test. Any difference between the 2 are going to be negligable as far as the refresh speed is concerned and even how long it takes to transfer the files from the computer to the card in the 1st place. A few seconds here or there aren’t going to rob you of that much of your life. You’ll probably waste far more of it attempting to find the answer you’re seeking.

Of more concern would be how much $$ is one vs. the other. And it definitely pays to shop around. :wink:

More or less u may have right. Price difference between 8GB class4 and 6 is 50%.

Class 4 around 65zł (poland) and class 6 around 95-100zł.

When i will have cash i think ill go for class4 (as for player card, refreshing once for few days as usual).