uSD card not detected in Clip Zip

Hi everyone, I have a new Clip Zip and I have an 8 and 16GB uSD card.  When inserting the cards into the player, I’m able to format them, but the storage doesn’t seem to be available.  The main Sansa software only deteects the 4GB on the player.  When I right click the external card in file explorer, its listed as 0GB.  Is there something I need to enable so that the cards are usable in the player?  When trying to drag and drop files to the external card, it says there’s not enough room.

You’re sure that the microUSB cards work otherwise, right?  One sometimes hears of counterfeit cards acting like this.

You might try reformatting the cards using the SD Association’s formatter tool–that sometimes helps.

Other things to try, if you haven’t yet:

–  Before anything else, a player reset (hold the on switch down for 15-20 seconds or so).

–  A reapplication of the player’s firmware (easy to do)–it could have become corrupt.  See the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum.

Hopefully, one or the other will work, and it’s not a defective card reader.  But if it is the latter, contact the seller for a replacement, or contact SanDisk similarly.   1-866-SANDISK (726-3475) 8am-7pm PST, M-F.

Thanks for the thoughts.  I re-installed the newest firmware and now the 8GB card is working.  The 16 is still not, and it was working when I took it out of my phone a month ago, but at least now I can confirm the Sansa is working, so that’s good.

Try putting the 16GB card back in your phone and deleting everything on it. after that, try putting it in your pc and see if you can format it using the SD formatter. If that doesn’t work, then put it back in your phone, format it using the phone, then try again to format it using the SD formatter. One other thought. Can you connect the phone to your pc and acces the card in the phone? If so, i wonder if you can format it using the SD formatter while it is in the phone. if not, then perhaps you can get the card replaced by the manufacturer?

Good to know that even with a brand new player, a reapplication of the firmware can fix an issue. Who woulda think it. :wink: