USB stick overwrite - vault disappeared but files still there -

Hi there,

I have a USB flash drive that got overwritten after plugging into a DVR recording machine (the USB now appears a DVR Video E: on my computer)

I ran recuva and it found all the images and videos that were stored on there and they’re now on my hard drive. However because they were all stored in the Secure Vault they can’t be opened. 

SanDiskDecureAccessV3 is no longer an option on the USB stick. I downloaded the file onto the memory stick in hopes I could just log back in but it wants me to set up a new password/profile etc. - something which I fear may wipe over the original files.

Any suggestions on how I can get access to the vault again and recover my files? Or suggestions on how to decrypt the files?


Recuva didn’t find your files, it found pieces of the SecureAccess vault.  Had it also found the SecureAccess app you might have had a chance but it and some of the vault pieces were overwritten by the DVR so you are out of luck at this point.

There is little chance for your chance, but you may try other recovery programs, such as jihosoft photo recovery, file recovery, photorec.

agree with viyice but I think jhiosoft is a bad option. I would rather recommened Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, way more reliable and won’t corrupt the data either. cheers!

The $49.99 app won’t help. It doesn’t read files encrypted by SecureAccess.  But it’s free to try.