USB readers for new SDXC (Secure eXtended Capacity) Cards


Just a question for Dr.Lucky or anyone who can help.

I was reading the SDXC info at sdcard website  but there are some points I want to be clarified.

SDXC new format has been launched and system files format are exFAT , I long as I understand you can use a SDXC card in an internal reader in a Win OS by installing the Microsoft update .

Can we use the SDHC readers with the new SDXC cards by installing the driver patch? Does the SDCH readers need to be updated to recognize new SDXC format?

Can we update the SanDisk readers as ImageMate All-in-One to accept SDXC format? If so, please send driver link or SanDisk info.

Regarding MAC OS users , SanDisk says "exFat support requires Mac OS X version 10.6.4 and above" . That means that we can use the MAC SDHC slot as a SDXC slot updating to 10.6.4 and above correct? Or may we have to buy a SDXC reader and have the MAC updated to 10.6.4 as well?

Thanks in advance!


Any SDHC reader will work as long as you have the patch for older OS’s installed. The issue is not hardware incompatibility is is support for exFAT file system that is the compatibility issue.

On MAC technically 10.6.4 is correct but only builds made after July 10’. Apple did not add exFAT support to 10.6.4 builds until after July. Best bet is up update to the latest MAC OS which is 10.6.6 and you will have no problems reading your  SDXC card.

I believe the reader should be SDXC compatible like SanDisk SDDR 189 and SDDR 199.

Using SDXC memory cards with SDHC host devices

Here’s what i found on their website.

Host device is referring to camera. according to the SD association you ahve to have a host device that is SDXC compatible (host referring to camera). that being said I have a Nikon d5000 which is a SDHC compatible camera. SDXC cards will not work in it if formatted as exFAT but if i reformat the SDXC card in FAT32 it works no problem. the compatibly is a little wider than the SD association wants to publicize i think. 

with my statement to readers. I should have said SDXC cards SHOULD  work with any SDHC reader as long as the OS supports exFAT. I have tried my sandisk imagemate all in one SDDR-189 and my Macbook pro’s internal reader both are SDHC readers not SDXC specific and have had no issues as long as the OS had the updates to support exFAT. In addition if I format the card in FAT32 it works no update needed so I do not think it is a hardware issue just a file system compatibility issue.

You can thank Microsoft for the new file system. FAT32 actually  support a single partition size up to 2TB but Microsoft only supports formatting FAT32 partitions up to 32GB thus the need for a different file system for cards larger than 32GB. 

Many Thanks Dr Lucky.

I will update this info in my website and stores.

It´s a pity that SanDisk does not offer the ExpressCard 34mm SDHC/SDXC Extreme reader, i mean people can buy it directly from Sandisk webstite but does not give the possiblity to offer those readers to the distribution channel for distributors and resellers.