USB ports not recognized

I plugged my Sansa Clip into my USB2 jack to charge it and look at files.  Charge was working ok but I couldn’t see files.  I downloaded SansaUpdater to get latest firmware. after running that, I found that the USB jack didn’t recognize any device plugged into it.  The computer doesn’t seem to even recognize USB at all.  The USB port still charges the Clip but that is all.  Any ideas?  

You can try going into the Device manager for your computer and uninstalling the Clip drive, and then attach the Clip to the computer and let the driver re-install.  Hopefully, that would do it.

The Device manager doesn’t show the Clip.  I have tried replacing the hard disk with one from another computer and the problem stays with the computer.  I tried downloading a newer version of BIOS but I get an error message and it reverts to my original default BIOS.  This leads me to believe the problem may be in BIOS.