USB not working / not recognized

Hello!  I’ve not had my 8gb Fuze long, and only added 20 albums initially. Today I wanted to add more albums but when I connected it to my desktop PC, the ‘tools’ symbol appeared in systray and the message was ‘USB not recognized’ . I used USBDeview utility to uninstall the Sansa Fuze USB device, rebooted & waited several minutes before connecting the Fuze again…but now nothing seems to happen and the add device/driver messages don’t appear at all. I’ve tried different USB ports with no change, in any case I know the ports are okay as pen drives/printers work okay on these ports.                                                                                                                                                           The Fuze is setup to MSC mode and connects okay and is visible as a USB disk when I connect it to my laptop (windows XP) - also my desktop PC is setup as a dualboot WinXP SP2/Zenwalk linux , and when in linux it correctly automounts as 2 USB devices ( one for the empty microsdhc slot).  So it seems like my XP system isn’t working with the Fuze at all, any further troubleshooting ideas?