usb not recognised

I have plugged my MP3 in with the USB and plugged it to the computer - but nothing happens - it doesn’t recognise it.

Does your computer meet the Clip’s minimum system requirements?  (See the Users Guide, linked in the general information sticky thread at the top of the forum.)  Sometimes, also, upgrading to WMP11 helps.

You also can try connecting in MSC mode:  set the Clip’s Settings/USB to MSC if you have that option; or put the Clip in hold and connect the USB cable between the Clip and your computer while pressing the Clip’s center button down (and then upgrade the firmware to the latest and set the USB option that you’ll see).

when I plug it into my computer it doesnt even recognise the usb!!.  I have windows xp at home, I just tried it on my computer at work (I have Vista at work) and it comes up automatically.  What else could be wrong with my  home computer!!.

Could be a number of things

Are you connecting directly to the USB port on the home PC, or are you connecting through a USB hub (or a printer with a USB port on the front)? Front or rear USB? If front, try using a rear USB port

Does your PC at home have USB 2.0 or USB 1.x ports? 

Check your version of Windows Media Player (assuming you are connecting in USB “Auto” mode and have not explicitly changed the Clip settings to “MSC”), and update if necessary. The retail package states the minimum requirements, make sure your PC meets them.

What brand PC is it and if you’re computer-savvy, tell us what the USB host controller / chipset is (Device Mangler info)