USB HUB and sansa e260

Hi - i’m already at little old computer - which doesn’t have USB 2.0 high speed - so I have bought NEC USB controller ( D - 720101 ) and I have installed correctly all drivers - But when i connect my sansa till this usb - nothing is doing - sansa writes that is connected - but nothing at the computer - I can add - that in MTP mode - maybe two times it recognized my sansa - but it couldn’t find drivers - I have windows 2000 - if somebody could help me i will be glad…
( P.s. sory for my language - but i’m not from english )

Screen shots

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only MSC mode is supported on Windows 2000 SP4

You need Windows Media Player 10 for MTP Mode, but that is for Windows XP only.

You can also use WMP11 which supports MTP mode as well.

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Atcually MSC is a universal format that should work on all new operating systems. Just clear up confusing, MSC stands for USB mass storage device class,a nd it works fine on my mac even :slight_smile: