USB Flash Drive

I just recently bought a Cruzer Micro. I never really realized how usefull these things are. OMG, Im hooked. I got the Cruzer Micro 2 gig with the U3 on it. It is amazing just how much you come to depend on these things. I have my address book with all my contacts, some music, pictures, and loads of other stuff on it and I havent even began to fill it up… lol.

Now I want to get one of the 8 gig flash drives. Can you say “Got Storage?”  Hee hee heeee

To anyone reading this, Yes, I admit , I am a technology junkie. But with these Sandisk drives and U3, I can put programs on here and have almost all of my favorite programs at my finger tips.  Ok, well Im off to the store to look for more toys to buy.



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and then?


You can’t really call yourself a technology junkie if you just now bought one of these…    :slight_smile:

Just cuz I just bought a FD dont mean nothin brada… 12 PCs, 3 switches, 7 different OSs, and more **bleep** than I can list… Dont need FDs when U have a netwrk…

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: )

Well, you’re the one putting yourself out there as a “tech junkie” who’s about 5yrs behind the times…   :wink:

And bragging about how much you use/have is kinda worthless because there’s always someone out there with more.
By no means am I geeky enough to program anything anymore but I’ve had computers in my house for more than 20yrs, and right now help manage WAN and a LAN (including voice over IP, an exchange server, etc…) for about 2-3 thousand users…  

And I still use flashdrives.  :slight_smile:

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Really? that many users? Dang at the traffik…lol. Wat kind of ISP connection do you use? T1, Fiber?

Cant say i been in computers that long, wish I could, but that means i woulda been born with a computer in my hand basicly…lol

And being in PCs that  long, and haveing that large a ntwrk, what OSs are you running?

Excuse the reply, thought you might have been just another “n00b” as the “31337” people say…lol

its always a pleasure meeting a real PC guru and swaping and sharing info.