USB flash drive problem

On my iMac I dragged a photo onto new San disk ultra usb flash drive. When inserted into my leg digital projector the photo can’t be found. Help appreciated…very frustrating.

If your new flash drive is over 32 GB it’s format is exFAT and it is possible your projector doesn’t support that format.

Thanks. It is 32 fat which was specified as required by projector manual. Can it be the file size of the J peg? Did the interface of the drive look correct?

My flash drive is 32 go

It wouldn’t hurt to try smaller jpegs.

Does the flash drive work in other systems?

If the projector hasn’t been used in awhile it could be it’s USB contacts are dirty or oxidized. A light brush with emery paper could help.

Another possibility is the projector only supports USB 2.0 flash drives and your new one is most likely USB 3.0. If that’s the case you will need an adapter. Check for one.

Good luck.

Another possibility, the flash drive is U

Projector is new and recommends the flash card I purchased. Thanks anyway. Just consider the cost of the flash drive a loss

Write to the projector’s manufacturer about the problem and see what they say.