USB connection only for tranferring files


I’ve a question!

There is a way to connect my sansa clip to the pc via USB only for tranferring files in such a way that the battery does not begin to recharge?

Because disconnecting the clip after the “file transfer” the battery will suffer, or?

Theoretically, yes; but you have to charge sometime, and the amount of transfer time is relatively low.

Theoretically yes? How?

I know that i have to charge sometime! but if I want only to trasfer files because I don’t have the time to wait for the recharging… 

The battery in the Clip doesn’t suffer from partial charging.  So feel free to simply disconnect (and only partially recharge) when your transfer is complete.

That’s a good news!!! Are you sure? Because the battery of the phone, suffer this problem

Buy another USB cable and tweak it so it would be just for transfering data - strip it carefuly about inch long and cut red and black wire.

Here is the link :

But what type of battery does the phone use? The Clip uses a Lithium-ion polymer battery. If the phone uses a Nickel-cadmium battery, I can see where you could have charging problems with it. They can develop memory problems.

The Clip’s battery is not like that of your phone–partial charges are fine with this newer generation of battery, which does not suffer from the infamous battery memory effect.