USB Connected - Transferring loop

When I plug my Clip Zip using the original USB cable, it connects, goes to the transfering animation for a second or two, then back to the conncted image, then transferring… etc. This loops indefinitely.

I have tried plugging it in on different days, and one day it added black screens to the mix. Connected -> Transferring -> Black Screen -> Conncected. 

I have bought 2 clip zips, and tried both USB cables. I have tried different USB ports too. I’m wondering if anyone else has heard of such a problem or solution? Thanks!

Have not heard of this particular phenomenon, but since you’ve already tried different cables and USB ports, the only thing left to try is formatting (through the on-board Format option in the Settings menu since you cannot connect to your computer).

Note you will have to reload all your content afterwards if this is successful. Good luck!