USB 3 issue

Hello everybody, just bought my sansa clip + .

And when i try to connect it to my laptop, it’s loading but it’snt recognized by windows 8
Since i’ve got only USB3 ports on my laptop ,i’m wondering if there is a compatibility issue with the Sansa.

I’ve already try to change the USB settings from auto to msc, but it didn’t fix anything.

Could someone help me please.

If you could get access to another machine ealier than Windows 8 you could see if it’s the clip or Windows 8, or even just the machine.

Actually I can access the Sansa clip + with another laptop running Windows 7 and USB 2.0, but I am really disapointed because I dont understand how a Brand like Sandisk  can ignore that USB 3 is now the standard connection.

All USB3 ports work with USB2 devices. Its probably something with your windows install.

Not sure how it works with Win8, but with other earlier Windows versions, it sometimes could help to go into the device management section and unauthorize the Clip, and then to reconnect up–that sometimes could set up a new, working connection. 

Apparently, Wlindows 8 is not totally compatible with Sansa manager.  I had no problem with Windows 7 with my new Sansa Plus player or my previous Sansa player.  I converted to Windows 8 recently, and wished that I hadn’t now. 

I did get the new player to work with Windows 8, but it’s much more work than previously.

If your windows 8 is a release that has or will support virtual pc mode, you could try running windows xp mode under virtual pc. I’ve had mixed luck with this on windows 7 professional, couldn’t get my scanner going.

Not sure what you mean by loading but not recognized.