Upgrading Questions : clipJam -> SportPlus

Hi there!
I’ve been very pleased with everything about the ClipJam so far. I’d like the same experience but with bluetooth.

I used the clipJam on my mountain bike for a few years, unfortunately it took a knock recently & the battery wire broke inside. I resoldered it but the volume key suffered a bit in the disassembly process & isnt working great. Time to upgrade!

There are some key features that make the clipJam almost perfect for me, can you comment on how they compare with the Sport Plus?

 - SIZE/Weight - I realise the Sport Plus is somewhat bigger & am willing to accept that. I will keep it in my right shorts pocket when riding. Will i notice any significant weight/bulk? The clipjam is basically invisible in this respect. 

  • INTERFACE - I mostly use the Folder [internal / external] navigation & organise my music in to “band name > album name” heirachy. I trust this will be the same experience with the Sport Plus?

 - BLUETOOTH - I would like to start using BT earphones (round the neck kind) - Can you confirm this feature works well without any annoying connection issues? 
 - Can you recommend any particular earphones? It is important they are the round-the-neck type as when riding & wearing a helmet it makes it possible to remove & allow them to dangle. Sound quality is not a big deal to me, I am usually quite satified with $10-$20 earphones. So light, cheap, low profile is what i look for.

  • BATTERY - spec says 7hrs with BT. That would be just fine I think. What is the real world experience? If it was lower than 5 It might not be enough for my needs.

Thank you for your time with my probably common questions. ???