Upgrade to 480 GB Extreme ll not going well

I have an Asus n76VZ laptop running windows 7 64 bit. Until recently I was using an OCZ Agility 3 240 GB SSD in it with no issues at all from day one. I recently upgraded to a Sandisk Extreme ll 480 GB SSD for the extra space and slightly better specs and warranty.

I now have a really odd problem with the Asus. I can get about 75% of the way through the reinstall process without any difficuly, but then the display on the laptop goes dark after a reboot. The VGA-out still works so I was able to try different things. I reinstalled repeatedly with different versions of the recovery disks, etc. I can hear windows start up, the keyboard lights up, the screen backlight comes on, but no text/display. Using te VGA-out and an external display, I was able to complete the windows 7 install without difficulty. The display remained dark the last 25% of the install process.

To get the display to work again I have to shut down the laptop, remove the A/C adapter plug, remove the battery, plug everything back in and power up. It will boot correctly once. If I try and reboot the display goes dark again. This will happen even with a cold laptop first thing in the morning after being off the whole night. The power down/ battery pull works every time.

I thought maybe the laptop’s video card might be overheating, but no.This occurs even with a cold laptop after being off for hours. I was able to install windows 7 on a spare Seagate Momentus XT to completion with no trouble. The screen never went dark, and it reboots correctly every time.

I can even remove the Sandisk, put the OCZ drive in, boot up and reboot multiple times with no issues. Everything works normally every time with no issues.

This has got me stumped. I’ve never heard of a hard drive having this kind of effect on a laptop. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks,


Looks like a tough one for you. Have you tried contacting Asus with this yet? They actually have a motherboard support department.