Updating the Fuzes File Index? (if there is one...)

Now I need more help!

I have managed to put album pics and video thumbnails successfully on some

of my albums and clips, but it seems vitally important to do it absolutely correct

the first time the particular file gets put on there.

It seems the Fuze only look for album art or thumbnails one time, and if it doesn’t

find it, it will only display the default colored image forever.

* How can I make the Fuze check for album art again? And use the pics it finds.

I would prefer if I could avoid formating the Fuze and reload it from scratch…

One more question, if you don’t mind.

I am determed NOT to use the M$ Media Player to sync my files, as that program

was made by the Devil himself. I’m not even kidding…    :cry:

IF I rip with the Devils program it produces:

AlbumArt_blablablaa_Large.jpg      > 200 x 200
AlbumArt_blablablaa_Small.jpg             75 x  75

Folder.jpg                                                200 x 200
AlbumArtSmall.jpg                                    75 x  75

Am I correct in assuming that the Folder.jpg   is the only one the Fuze needs and uses?

My fuze made proper thumbnails, large and small from just one Folder.jpg  at 225 x 225,

but that might have been a one time event for that artists two albums… 

How did that happen?

(This time I’ve acctually seached a lot, but haven’t found the answes.)

Help! :neutral_face:

folder.jpg will be read and the other ones you mentioned are ignored by the Fuze+

The other files you mentioned are created by Windows Media Center / Windows Media Player

when “retrieve album info from internet” is enabled in the options, if you handle your album art

yourself manualy i highly advise finding those options in WMC and/or WMP are disabling them

so your own artwork does not get overwritten with subpar garbage WMP retrieves off the net.

It happened to me before where WMC was set too retrieve art and even though i already had artwork

for thousands of albums the programs started overwriting mine with low quality garbage…

I still havn’t managed to finish cleaning up after the mess… every album it proccessed has like 3/4 files created

utterly ridicoulous !

Anyway i think i know what your saying and my advice is if the artwork is not getting refreshed

manualy go into the folders of the Fuze+ and delete the whole album folder and everything in it

and restart your player (turn it completly off) and that has always worked for me.

And then re add the album again

Thanks for your input, xpmule!

I’d just like to report that I’m in love with my Fuze+, despite a few glitches here and there…

It really is a wonderful piece of hardware!

It has already followed me on many outdoor expeditions.

Just reading about your hand made collection getting mollested by M$ MP gave me the chills! I feel your pain.

I had not kept total vigilance on the MS MP and it managed to replace one of my album arts, which almost made

me go jihad postal, heading for the nearest M$ office.

Needless to say it is now uninstalled.

Anyway, now I have one final album art and som folders with pictures that simply won’t show up in the Fuze+…

But I can live with that. :slight_smile:

I’m slowly learning to lock the player all the time and how to navigate it in the most efficient way. And I’m 200% Backed Up

on all the rips and files I make for the Fuze.

I even tried to dump vob-files from a DVD into the Video4fuze and it converted it flawless! That’s the most impressed I’ve

ever been by any program ever! Amazing!

It is great fun to make my own “albums”, with hand made artwork to organize live concerts, singles, bootlegs and whatever,

so I can find my stuff easily… :slight_smile:

And the sound quality is acctually very very good!

It seems to me, that you can save some time with album art by deleting the folder.sdt file in that directory (if there is one), and delete the FASTJPG folder. Then, recopy the AA, and the player will be forced to reload it. Or, just recopy it in MTP mode. The Fuze+ always seems to notice changed files in MTP mode.