Updating firmware on M250

I have an old m250 with firmware v2.2.5A. I want to update the firmware but the update software won’t work. When I try sdmx3-iv001 it says the firmware cannot be doungraded. When I try SansaUpdaterInstall I get “Update Service not available”.

Any hints?

The m200 series player is really, really old and not really supported by SanDisk any more. Additionally, even when it was current there were 4 different hardware versions requiring 4 different firmware versions and quirky as all get out.

I believe the v2.2.5 firmware is the newest, so if you’re already running that, there is nothing to update to. Neither the SansaUpdater nor the special firmware updating software for the m200 series (sdmx3-iv001.exe) will re-install the same version or install an older one.

If your player is working OK, I suggest to leave well enough alone. If it’s not, be grateful it lasted so long, recycle it responsibly and update your player instead.

That is part of the problem. I deleted some files and now it won’twork. It will play one of the new songs i put on and then lock up. the updater won’t let me re-install. I would do that but I don’t seem to be able to. Is there a manual way to re-install? Where do I get the firmware?

Have you tried formatting it and re-loading your songs? It may not be a firmware issue after all.

Yes and I get to the same place. One song plays the second shows up then it locks up and I have to take out the bttery to turn it off.

Is it the same track (or tracks) that cause this to happen, or does it occur at random?

It doesn’t have anything to do with the tracks. What ever is loaded it will play the first track available then lock up.


Hmmm, that’s a head-scratcher then for sure. My inclination too then, would be to try and re-install the firmware but you’ve already tried that with no success from the installer. I’ll do some poking around and see if there’s a way around that.

That is what I am looking for. A way to manually reinstall the firmware or update it. Where can I get the firmware file? can it be installed manually?

Googling, I found this:


But if that doesn’t work, you’re sure the Sansa m200 Firmware Updater ( sdmx3-iv001.exe ) doesn’t work for you? Have you tried it more than once? And followed the directions exactly (like installing it before you plug in your player and putting the player on HOLD)?